How Do I ... Redirect a Web Page using a CGI-Script



nph-redir is a cgi-script that allows you to redirect your web browser to a site you choose from a pull-down list, just by clicking a button. Because you can put many sites in the pull-down list, while the list only takes up a few lines on the screen, this can save you a significant amount of screen-space.

How to Use nph-redir

To use nph-redir you include a FORM in your web page, with the ACTION /cgi-bin/nph-redir.cgi. The form should have a field, usually a SELECT, with the name dest. The value of this field is the URL to which you wish to be redirected:

<FORM ACTION="/cgi-bin/nph-redir.cgi" METHOD="POST">
Destination URL?
<SELECT NAME="dest">
<OPTION VALUE="">Netscape
<OPTION VALUE="">c|net
<OPTION VALUE="">Microsoft

The above form will look as follows:

Destination URL?

By clicking on the pull-down list you can select a site. By then clicking on the submit ("Redirect Me!") button, you will be taken to that site.

If you are redirecting to a frameset, you can select a particular frame by putting its name in a field with the name target. An example of redirecting a user to Yahoo, in a frame called main, would look like this:

<form action="/cgi-bin/nph-redir.cgi" method="POST">
<input type="HIDDEN" name="target" value="main">
<input type="HIDDEN" name="dest" value="">
<input type="SUBMIT" value="Click Here To Visit Yahoo">

About nph-redir

nph-redir was developed by Jeff Carnahan, <>.


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