How Do I ... Become a UWO Web Information Provider



The World Wide Web (WWW or "the Web") is the Internet's HTML-based information service. This document lists the key steps you need to take in order to provide your information on the UWO Web via the central Web server ( ).

The UWO Web Resource Centre can be found by selecting Web Publishing at UWO from the UWO Home Page ( Two key UWO-specific resources found there are:

Who Can Build A Page

Before proceeding to the key steps (below), make sure that you qualify as a UWO Web Information Provider on the UWO central Web server.

For details, read the information regarding official UWO Web sites in the Policy for the Official UWO World Wide Web .

If you decide to set up your own server, please contact the Web Admin team ( ) to discuss your plans. ITS maintains a mailing list ( of all campus Web server maintainers.

The Key Steps

If you qualify as an UWO Web Information Provider via the central Web server, you can proceed with the steps below:

  • Browse the Guides.

    The Guide for UWO Information Providers .

  • Browse the UWO Web Policies.

    The UWO Web Policies .
  • Contact the Web Admin group.

    Contact the Web Admin group to discuss your plans and to get a disk area set up for your Web pages.

    The usual practice is to hold a short (30 minutes approximately) meeting with a member of the Web Admin group to go over your plans and expectations. Both the person administratively responsible for your site and the technical person preparing the site, should plan to attend the meeting so that we all start with a common understanding. Any questions concerning material in the Guide or the UWO Web Policies can be addressed at that time.

  • Western Authentication

    Creation of your web pages is done locally on your computer. However the installation and updates of your pages is done from a central ITS Unix server, This access is restricted to UWO authentication.
  • Create your Web Pages.

    When you create a Web page, you create an HTML (HyperText Markup Language) document. The UWO Home Page is the first page of a logical group of HTML documents. A Web browser, such as Netscape, reads HTML documents provided by a Web server.

    These documents are simply text files which contain your information along with HTML "tags". The tags provide instructions to the browser on how to display a document, how to link to other documents, etc.

    You can create the contents of your page on your local machine (e.g. PC, Mac, Unix computer). You can use a standard text editor or any of a number of good wordprocessing packages which come conversion to HTML facility or stand-alone HTML editors. A review of some of these tools is available in the Guide for UWO Information Providers .

  • Transfer Files to your Web Site.

    Once you are satisfied with your page, it should be transferred from your PC to the Web server which is the machine named This is done via sFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), with the program called WS_FTP (for PC users). You should ensure that the default protections are set appropriately in this program.
    • server:
    • port: 22
    • userid: UWO id
    • password: associated UWO password
    • folder: /web/www/path_to_your_folder for
      /web/instruct/path_to_your_folder for
  • Check your HTML.

    Once you have your files on the main server, check all your links and validate it using an HTML Validation program. See the Checkers area in the UWO Web Resource Centre.
  • View your Web Pages.

    The appearance of your Web Pages depends on the browser that a reader uses to view them and the type of monitor and workstation being used. Netscape and Microsoft's Internet Explorer can display graphics; a text-based browser such as lynx cannot. It is always a good idea to get a feel for how a variety of browsers see your Web pages. Also read the guidelines for Barrier-free Web Design .
  • Going Public.

    Once you are satisfied that you have a version that is ready for public view, contact Web Admin again to have your set of pages linked into its official location in the UWO Web.

Minimum Skill Set

The minimum skill set recommended for UWO Web Information Providers is as follows:

  • HTML
    • Basic knowledge of HTML.
  • sFTP
    • Basic knowledge of sFTP.
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