Western Calendar System

This page is a work in progress.  It currently contains information pertaining to the calendar server upgrade.  It will be updated and expanded upon over the coming months.

What's New!!

Native Support for the Mac desktop and Mobile Devices

You will be able to access your Western calendar from almost any calDAV compliant calendar program. The primary benefit will come to anyone running a Mac. You will be able to configure your iCal to access your Western calendar.

For specific documentation on how to connect to Western's Calendar server refer to our HDI Calendar documentation

Calendar Subscriptions

Some people might lose their access to subscribed calendars. You can only search/subscribe for calendars that you have at minimum Read share permissions for. It should be noted that documentation stated this even before the Calendar Server Upgrade.  However it is only now, after the Calendar Server Upgrade that this is properly being enforced across all calendar software.

To correct this you can approach the owner of the calendar you were subscribed to and ask that they grant you the necessary permission.  Alternatively you will need to change your behavior and start to use the check availability features when trying to determine someones free/busy time for meetings.

Calendar Permissions

The calendar permissions have not changed. The settings were carried over from the previous calendar system. However, the display of permissions has been split into two separate section; share and privacy settings. 

Share Permissions

The share permissions are used to extend; read, read + write, manage and none to other members of the university community. The default share permissions for new users are set as follows:

iwc share permissions

Privacy Settings

The Privacy settings are used to extend; check availability, invite, manage and none to other members of the university community. The default privacy settings for new users are set as follows:

iwc privacy settings

Managing Privacy Settings for Other Individuals

This is a task performed by the Administrative Assistant on behalf of a Supervisor or resource calendar.

From your calendar

Note: If you try and manage the privacy settings while highlighted on the Supervisor or resource calendar the settings will be unavailable/grayed out.

From the top left hand corner select the Calendar Properties

From the drop down menu

Select Privacy Settings

Select the Address Book to switch to the account you are going to manage the privacy settings on.

From the Address Book window

Enter the First & Last Name in the Display Name Search field

Select the radial button for the individual you are looking to manage the privacy settings for.

Select Add

Modify the permissions as necessary

Select the +/- symbols if you are looking to add/remove the user permission list

Select Save

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