Best Practices

More and more unwanted messages are clogging mail servers and wasting employees' time. Therefore the easiest and best way to deal with spam is also the one which wastes the least resources and your time, simply delete it. The reality is because most messages that are spam come from outside sources, there isn't very much that we can do to control them because;

  • Systems administrators are usually aware of spammers and have closed down the access long before they receive a complaint.
  • Email accounts are freely available and readily opened, therefore as quick as a spammers email access is closed down they have a new one is opened within minutes.
  • The information in email headers is often forged and what you see as the "To:" and "From:" fields are invalid.
  • If we block the whole email system sending these messages we block legitimate email from these sources.
  • Often complaints to some of these outside service providers are ignored because the people spamming us are paying for the ISP service, whereas we are not.

What you should never do is reply to the email, this just confirms you are a valid email address and can be added to other spam lists. 

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