Releasing Messages from Spamtrap

Based on the automated e-mail notification summarizing messages caught in your trap, on occasion you may discover a false positive e.g. legitimate e-mail caught in your trap. This procedure describes how to release that message. If e-mail from a recognizable source is frequently caught in your trap we would recommend that you safe list the sender.

Please Note: Once a message has been released from your trap it still has to go through the university's mail queue. Therefore a small delay may occur before this message reaches your inbox.  Based on the email client you are using and how you are sorting your message list it will appear with either the original sent date or the date you released the message from SpamTrap.


  1. Login to your SpamTrap:
  2. Enter your Western E-Mail user name and password.
  3. Select Trap Contents... Pending
  4. Identify the e-mail you would like to release from your trap from the section Pending Messages (x to y of y)
  5. From the column Status Pending drop down menu select Accept message
  6. From the top right hand corner select Log Out

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