Division of Information Technology Services

How Do I ... Copy a Block?

1. Certain blocks may need to be copied, especially on larger sites.  Examples of blocks that are useful to copy are the staff listing block, the right sidebar block and the left nav optional block.  For more information on these blocks and how they work, please see the section on Special Features.

2. Blocks are found in the _cms/blocks/xhtml folder.  Click on the block  that you would like to copy:

listing of blocks

2. The block is now in View mode.  Click on the Copy tab.  Enter a new name in the System Name box. 

Copying Tip #1: Keep the beginning of the block name the same (e.g. staff listing) and add a descriptor (e.g. staff listing help desk, staff listing main office).  This way all your staff listing blocks will be displayed sequentially in your folder listing and will be much easier to find.

copy screen

3. Click Submit to complete the process.  You should now see a green box at the top telling you the copying was successful and a listing similar to this:

new listing screen

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