Division of Information Technology Services

How Do I ... Delete a Page (or other asset)?

1. Select the Page (or other asset)  that you would like to delete:



2. The file is now in View mode, Click on the More tab to reveal the Delete tab:


3. Click Delete.  A new screen will appear asking you to Confirm the deletion.  If this is not the correct file, click Cancel.  If the page or file has alread been published, you should also click the Un-publish Content box.  To complete the process, click the Submit button.


4. You should now see a green box at the top telling you the deletion was successful.

Delete successful

5. Please note that the asset will only be stored in the recycle bin for 15 days.  You will be able to restore the deleted asset as long as it remains in the Recyle Bin but after that is cannot be retrieved.

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