Division of Information Technology Services

Cascade Basics

How Do I ... Log in to Cascade Server?
   How to access the login page and what to do when you get there.  (Full Document)

How Do I ... Get More Help?
   How to create a Jira support ticket if you require additional help with Cascade  (Full Document)

How Do I ... Upload a File?
   How to upload a PDF or Word doc into Cascade  (Full Document)

How Do I ... View My Website Folder Structure ?
   How to show and hide the folder structure which is usually visible on left side of your page.  (Full Document)

How Do I ... Edit a Page ?
   How to edit a page using the html editor.   (Full Document)

How Do I ... Copy a Block?
   How to make copies of popular blocks such the staff listing block, the right sidebar block and left nav optional block, which are located in the _cms/blocks/xhtml folder.  (Full Document)

How Do I ... Delete a Page (or other asset)?
   How to delete a page, file, image, block (or other asset) in your site.  (Full Document)

How Do I ... Add Comments to Version Information?
   How to add comments about what you have edited on a page.  (Full Document)

How Do I ... Use the Autosave Feature?
   An explanation on how the autosave feature saves drafts.  (Full Document)

How Do I ... Use the Drop and Drag Capabilities?
   How to move files and folders within your site  (Full Document)

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