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How Do I ... Log in to Cascade Server?

To log into Cascade Server, your site must first be setup in Cascade.  To request this setup, please complete the form at http://uwo.ca/its/cms/getting_started/request_a_new_site.html.  Once you have received confirmation that your site is ready in Cascade, you can use the following steps to log in.

Go to the website http://cms.uwo.ca.  The following screen will appear:

login screen


Log in by entering your Western Identity username and password

Click the Log in button.

A new screen will appear.  If it looks somthing like this:

First login screen not expanded

You will need to click the red arrow in the top left corner just to the left of Dashboard or Home to get the screen that lists your files.  You should then see:

Example of Folder Listing


You will always see your default site when you log in.  If you have more than one site in Cascade, click on the down arrow to the right of the displayed site name to reveal other sites available to you.

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