Division of Information Technology Services

How Do I ... Create a New Folder?

1. You have the option to create different types of folders, depending on your site setup.  Every site has at least 2 options: Navigation Folder and Navigation Sub-Folder.

2. To create a folder begin by clicking on New.  A drop down menu appears with various choices.  

3. Mouse over Folder to find the choices you have.  They will appear in a flyout menu to the right.  

4. If you want to create a folder that will appear on your purple navigation bar choose Navigation Folder.  If you want to create a folder that will appear in the drop down menu on your purple navigation bar or in your side navigation, choose Navigation Sub-Folder.  Complete instructions for creating these folders can be found in the Navigation How Do I's.

5. If you have other folder options available on your site, the process is typically the same.  You will need to give the folder a name and determine where you want it to appear in your navigation structure.

6. If you do not have any folder options beyond Navigation Folder and Navigation Sub-Folder and you want to create a non-navigation folder (e.g. for images, pdfs, etc.)  you should choose Navigation  Sub-Folder.

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