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How Do I ... Create a Navigation Sub-Folder?

To create a new navigation sub-item, first you need to create a navigation sub-folder:

Creating a new navigation subfolder


Enter the appropriate data into the Title field (ie, Eighteenth Century History) and click Submit. 

Add Navigation Subfolder


A new sub-folder will appear in your folder list. Now you need to create an index page for this Navigation Subfolder:

Add Subfolder Index Page


Leave the System Name as 'index'. Give the page a title (eg. Eighteenth Century History) - this is the text that appears in the navigation, indicate whether you want this item to show in the top navigation and/or in the left navigation on landing (or secondary content pages). If you wish to have a different page title than indicated in the Title field, enter it in the Alternative Page Title field.  Add the content for this page now, or you can choose to do so later. Click Submit:

Add Subfolder Index Page, cont'd


You will see the index file associated with the Subfolder in your folder list:

Add Subfolder Index Page, done

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