Division of Information Technology Services

How Do I ... Publish?

PLEASE NOTE: You should only publish your Base Folder before 7 a.m. or after 4 p.m.  This publishes your entire site and can cause publishing to be slow for others if you do this at peak usage times during the day.

1.  Select the Folder or Page that you would like to publish:

Select a File for Publishing

2.  The Folder/Page will open in View mode.  Click on the Publish tab:

Publish tab

3.  The following screen appears:  (Note: your Page Configurations and Destination will be specific to your site.)

Publish screen

4.  Click on the Submit button.

5.  A screen will appear showing your job in the queue:

View of the Publish Queue

6.  When your publishing job clears the queue, click the Home link:

The HOME Tab

7.  The following screen will appear with your publish messages.  Your file has been successfully published is you see a message referring to 0 issues.  If issues are noted, you can click on the message to see what the problem was.  You will need to correct the problem before your file will be successfully published.

View Publish Messages

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