Division of Information Technology Services

How Do I ... See The Progress of My Publishing?

1.  Click on the Cascade Server icon on the top left corner of your screen to reveal the menu:

Tabs for the jobs publishing

2.  Click on Active Jobs and you will see your publishing job in the queue:

View of Publish Queue

3.  Please note that if you are only publishing one page, it may have already cleared the queue before you get to this screen.  

4.  Once your publish queue is empty, you can go to your Dashboard to confirm that your page has published successfully.  To do that, click on the Home tab on the top left corner of your screen.  You will see a screen similar to the one below:

Dashboard Message Screen5.  If the message indicates 0 ... issues(s), then your page has successfully published and you can navigate to the live page to view it.  If there is an indication of issues/errors, you can click on the message to reveal more details about what went wrong.

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