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How Do I ... Add a Department Search Box to my website?

You may wish to add a Department Search Box to your website.

First, edit the department specific google search box block, and click on the Edit HTML button:

Adding a department search to a website

This will allow you to edit the HTML code for this page.  Change these two pieces of code:

Adding a department search box to a website

Change "Department Search" to whatever text you want visible within the search box (ie, Search Western Science, etc.) and input the url of your website so that it can be searched correctly.

Finally, edit each of your Configuration Sets (click on Administration and choose Configuration Sets) to link to this block so that it will appear on your website pages:

Adding a department search box to a website

If you wish to only add the Department Search Box to one or a couple of pages in your website, you can edit the Outputs on each page separately.

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