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How Do I ... Add the Web Banner to My Site?

1. Every site will have a web banner, which is provided by Communications & Public Affairs.  Banners will differ depending on how your web site fits into the overall administration of the university.  The image shown here is an example of a web banner for the Department of History's web site:

example of a web banner for department of history

All web banners in Cascade are contained in a read only page title xhtml block that you have access to.

2. In order to add your banner to your web site, you must edit all of the Configuration Sets associated with your site in Cascade.  To access these, click on Administration and choose Configuration Sets from the dropdown menu:

screen shot of the administration menu

The list of your Configurations Sets for your site will appear.

Configuration Sets, cont'd

3. Click on a Configuration Set in the listing and then click the Edit tab:

4, Find the Page Title Image block and click on the Search button:

Add Page Title Block

Choose '2012 Desgin Master' from the Block dropdown:

Configuration Sets, cont'd

Navigate to the proper file (as provided by Communications), click Confirm and then Submit:

Add Page Title Block

Repeat these steps for EVERY Confiuration Set.

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