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How Do I ... Edit the slide show on the site index page?

Edit the slides block:

Editing the slides block

Browse to the appropriate image files, which should already have been uploaded into Cascade using the proper dimensions, 700 pixels wide x 300 pixels high (otherwise, images will automatically be resized and possibly distorted).  See How Do I ... Upload a File? for instructions on how to do this.

Enter a Title and/or Caption, as required.

The 'Title' appears on the slide in bold (eg. Slide Image 1); the 'Caption' is separated from the title with a colon.  For example, Title:Caption (or in this case, Slide Image 1:Green)

Slide Show

If no title or caption is specified, the black text background on the bottom of the slide will not appear.

Slides with no title or caption

To add or remove slides, click on the '+' or '-' button on the slide. Use the up/down arrows on each slide to chang the order of how the slides appear in the slideshow.

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