Division of Information Technology Services

Special Features

How Do I ... Set the Metadata for My Website?
   Instructions on best practices for setting up metadata for your site  (Full Document)

How Do I ... Edit the slide show on the site index page?
   How to add slides to your homepage slideshow.  (Full Document)

How Do I ... Add a Department Search Box to my website?
   How to add and customize the search box to your web site.  (Full Document)

How Do I ... Add the social media blocks to the index page?
   How to add social media sections to the bottom of your homepage.  (Full Document)

How Do I ... Add or remove the 'left nav optional' block to my website?
   How to use the left nav optional block and region on your content pages.  (Full Document)

Edit the contact information in the footer
   How to edit information in your page footer  (Full Document)

Edit the popular resources in the footer
   How to add items to the popular resources section in the footer  (Full Document)

Edit Key Topics in the Footer
   An explanation of how the key topics area in the footer is populated  (Full Document)

Create a Bulleted List
   How to add the style required to create a bulleted list  (Full Document)

Create a Numbered List
   How to add the style required to create a numbered list  (Full Document)

Create a Table
   Information on creating tables  (Full Document)

Add the Page Title Block to My Site
   How to add the page title block created for you by Communications and Public Affairs to your site  (Full Document)

How Do I ... Add or edit an Accordion?
   How to created and edit the accordion features  (Full Document)

Google Analytics
   Information about Google Analytics and how to use it on your site  (Full Document)

Room Booking Calendar
   How to add and publish events to your Room booking calendar  (Full Document)

How Do I ... Configure Social Media for My Website?
   Information on some of the social media options available for your website  (Full Document)

How Do I ... Add an events calendar feed?
   How to add an events calendar feed to the main portion of your index page or to the right sidebar  (Full Document)

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