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How Do I ... Set the Metadata for My Website?

The metadata needs to be set PRIOR to creating any pages within your website.  If this is not done, any pages created prior to it being set will have to be edited individually (by clicking on the Outputs tab on each page) to set their metadata.

The metadata is what creates the text that you see on the page tab within your browser:

Metadata as displayed on pages within a browser

By default, all pages will show 'Page Title -  - Western University' on the browser tab (with Page Title being replaced with the actual page title when you create the page).  This has been set at the template level and cannot be changed.  To complete the metadata, you must add your site name (e.g. Faculty of Science).

Depending on your site, the Display Name will either be under the Metadata tab or in the Inline Metadata section on the Content tab.

To set the metadata for your website, you must edit each page in your base assets folder (_cms/base assets):

Editing base assets to set the metadata

Once you have added the Display Name to each of your base assets, this information will transfer automatically to each page that you create on your site.

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