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How do I ... Create a Table?

1. In the Edit view of the page you wish to add a table, click the Fullscreen button.
Example of an edit screen in Cascade

2. Click the Table button. Location of the Table button in Cascade

3. Fill in the properties for # of Cols, # of Rows, Width & Height.

Example of the General tab on the  Insert and Modify table screen in Cascade

4. Select Table caption if you want to title your table.

5. Click Update.

6. After you have created your title, then you can create border if you so wish.  With your cursor in a cell of your table, click the table button on the toolbar then enter a value in the Border field.

7. Click the Advanced tab.

Example of the Advanced tab on the Insert and Modify table screen in Cascade

8. At this point in time, leave the Summary field empty.  Although Cascade will flag it as an accessibility error, you can ignore that warning.  Best practices for accessibility currently say to leave the Summary blank.

9. Select a colour for your border if you are using this feature.  In the example, the colour purple, #660099 is used.

10. Click Update.  

Example Table


Select Title Caption

row1 in col1

Align left

row1 in col2

Align right

row2 in col1

Align center

row2 in col2

Align center

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