Division of Information Technology Services

What's New?

Add Comments to Versioning Information
   How to add comments to the version control on each page  (Full Document)

Drag 'n Drop File Upload
   How to Drag and Drop files and images into onto the upload screen  (Full Document)

   Information on the new look of the image editor  (Full Document)

Folder Permissions
   Information for Site Managers on changing file permissions  (Full Document)

   Information on the new Relationships tab  (Full Document)

How Do I ... Customize the Dashboard?
   Information on the setup of the Dashboard in Cascade Server and how to customize its widgets  (Full Document)

Users, Groups & Roles
   How to find information on the users, groups and roles for your web site  (Full Document)

Broken Link Report
   Site Managers can now manage all internal and external content links with this new Broken Link Report  (Full Document)

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