Western's Central E-mail Service FAQ

Who is eligible for a Western e-mail account?

Every active student at Western is entitled to a Western e-mail account (e.g. user@uwo.ca ). Current staff and faculty also receive a @uwo.ca e-mail account and will use this account in any official communications with students.

When do I get this account?

An e-mail account is created when:

  1. An individual applies through the Ontario Universities' Application Centre (OUAC) at attend Western;
  2. A new student who did not apply through OUAC is set up in the Student Administration system;
  3. An individual returns to Western to study after a length of time;
  4. An individual is hired by Western.

How long do I have this e-mail account?

You will continue to have access to email & calendar through your @uwo.ca email address.

However, since you are no longer registered as a current student at Western, you will lose the following Office 365 services:

  • OneDrive 
  • Access to online MS Office applications. 
  • Microsoft Student Advantage (use of MS Office on personal devices)
  • Skype for Business

Removal of these services generally occur after the last add/drop period in January following the term in which you were last registered. You will be notified of the loss in service in January via an e-mail directed to your @uwo.ca e-mail account.

How is the @uwo.ca e-mail account used at Western?

All primary communications from the Registrar's office, Dean's offices and departments will be addressed to your @uwo.ca e-mail. It is expected that you will keep your e-mail in good working order.

I have heard about E-mail for Life, what is it?

Your @uwo.ca is now your Email for Life account.  Upon graduation, you will retain your @uwo.ca email address with no action required by you.  Check out Email for Life and Alumni Benefits for additional details on alumni service offerings.

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