Division of Information Technology Services

Western Faculty and Staff

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Scantron Basic/Free Service:

Full Marking Service:

NOTE: The full marking service will be discontinued September 1, 2015 (more details).

Instructors drop-off/pick-up their exams at the ITS Administration Office (SSB 4300). We are located in the Support Services Building on Western Road.


How do I process the raw data file if I'm using the basic scanning service?
Documentation on use of the currently available marking tools is located at:

What if someone else is dropping off my exams?
If a staff member or T.A. delivers the exams to ITS, she/he must have the completed form with her/his name also noted on the form (where indicated).

How do I retrieve the files ITS sends to me?

Processing Time:
ITS Basic/Free Scanning Service - 24 hours (for scantron pickup)
ITS Full Marking Scanning - up to three business days

Who do I contact if I have any questions about my scantrons?
Call the ITS Administration Office at 519-661-2151 (ext. 82151)

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