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Photo Contest

Welcome to the 2014-15 MLL Photo Contest!

The photos below were submitted by students enrolled in our department who have been involved in an International Community Service, Study Abroad and/or Exchange program.
The photo contest will run from November 10th- November 23rd, 2014.
Voting has now closed. We will be announcing the winners on Wednesday, November 26th!

Picture #1

It's a kiss that whispers "buongiorno", "buon pomeriggio" and "buona sera" with a million little moments in between that need no greeting. In short, un caffè is the air Italians breathe, the lifestyle we know as "La Dolce Vita."


Siena, Italy- June 2014
Photo compliments of Laura Acquaviva
French Language & Linguistics Major, Italian Language & Culture Major

Picture #2

"La Vida en Rosa"


Holguin, Cuba- May 2014
Photo compliments of Aliya Hamid
English Language & Literature Major, Minor in Spanish Language & Hispanic Culture

Picture #3

"A Seat from on Top of the World"


Konstanz, Germany- August 2014
Photo compliments of Cory Kosir
English Language & Literature Honors Specialization, Chemistry Minor

Picture #4

"Soaking It All In"


Konstanz, Germany- August 2014
Photo compliments of Marlee Krahn
English and French Language & Literature Major, Certificate in Practical German

Picture #5

"Similar to the paintings on the clothes line, all of us were unique individuals tied to the same trip and an incredible experience...Viajamos como extranos, vivimos como amigos y regresamos como familia- We arrived as strangers, lived as friends and returned as family."


Holguin, Cuba- February 2014
Photo compliments of Anu Lalith Kumar

Honors Specialization in Economics, Minor in Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures

Picture #6

"In It to Win It: Football in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala"


Quetzaltenango, Guatemala- May 2014
Photo compliments of Dilani Logan
Medical Sciences Major, Spanish Language & Hispanic Culture Major

Picture #7



Holguin, Cuba- May 2014
Photo compliments of Ben McArthur
History Honors Specialization, Spanish Language & Hispanic Culture Minor

Picture #8

"There is nothing better than learning while you travel"


Siena, Italy- June 2013
Photo compliments of Becky Quinn

Criminology and Italian Language & Culture Major

Picture #9

"We will worry about it tomorrow, for now, let us enjoy 'La Dolce Fa Niente', The Sweetness of doing nothing"


Florence, Italy- July 2014
Photo compliments of Elizabeth Smith
English Language & Literature Major, Italian Language & Culture Minor

Picture #10

"No one gives kisses quite like the Cuban boys"


Holguin, Cuba- February 2014
Photo compliments of Sarah Todgham
Geographic Information Science Honors Specialization, Certificate in Practical Spanish

Picture #11

"Wherever you go, there you are"


Puebla, Mexico- January 2014
Photo compliments of Stephanie Vaughan
Spanish Language & Hispanic Culture Major, French Language & Literature Major

Picture #12

"Time Travel"


Salamanca, Spain- Summer 2014
Photo compliments of Amy Wen
Creative Writing and English Language & Literature Honors Specialization

The winners of the 2014 MLL Photo Contest will be announced on Wednesday, November 26th!