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Photo Contest

Welcome to the 2014-15 MLL Photo Contest!

The photos below were submitted by students enrolled in our department who have been involved in an International Community Service, Study Abroad and/or Exchange program.
Please take a look at the submissions and vote for your favourite photo! The link to vote will be located on the bottom of this page.
The photo contest will run from November 10th- November 23rd, 2014.
The voting is open to students, staff, faculty and the public so please share this link with everyone!

Picture #1

It's a kiss that whispers "buongiorno", "buon pomeriggio" and "buona sera" with a million little moments in between that need no greeting. In short, un caffè is the air Italians breathe, the lifestyle we know as "La Dolce Vita."


Siena, Italy- June 2014
Photo compliments of Laura Acquaviva
French Language & Linguistics Major, Italian Language & Culture Major

Picture #2

"La Vida en Rosa"


Holguin, Cuba- May 2014
Photo compliments of Aliya Hamid
English Language & Literature Major, Minor in Spanish Language & Hispanic Culture

Picture #3

"A Seat from on Top of the World"


Konstanz, Germany- August 2014
Photo compliments of Cory Kosir
English Language & Literature Honors Specialization, Chemistry Minor

Picture #4

"Soaking It All In"


Konstanz, Germany- August 2014
Photo compliments of Marlee Krahn
English and French Language & Literature Major, Certificate in Practical German

Picture #5

"Similar to the paintings on the clothes line, all of us were unique individuals tied to the same trip and an incredible experience...Viajamos como extranos, vivimos como amigos y regresamos como familia- We arrived as strangers, lived as friends and returned as family."


Holguin, Cuba- February 2014
Photo compliments of Anu Lalith Kumar

Honors Specialization in Economics, Minor in Spanish Language and Hispanic Cultures

Picture #6

"In It to Win It: Football in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala"


Quetzaltenango, Guatemala- May 2014
Photo compliments of Dilani Logan
Medical Sciences Major, Spanish Language & Hispanic Culture Major

Picture #7



Holguin, Cuba- May 2014
Photo compliments of Ben McArthur
History Honors Specialization, Spanish Language & Hispanic Culture Minor

Picture #8

"There is nothing better than learning while you travel"


Siena, Italy- June 2013
Photo compliments of Becky Quinn

Criminology and Italian Language & Culture Major

Picture #9

"We will worry about it tomorrow, for now, let us enjoy 'La Dolce Fa Niente', The Sweetness of doing nothing"


Florence, Italy- July 2014
Photo compliments of Elizabeth Smith
English Language & Literature Major, Italian Language & Culture Minor

Picture #10

"No one gives kisses quite like the Cuban boys"


Holguin, Cuba- February 2014
Photo compliments of Sarah Todgham
Geographic Information Science Honors Specialization, Certificate in Practical Spanish

Picture #11

"Wherever you go, there you are"


Puebla, Mexico- January 2014
Photo compliments of Stephanie Vaughan
Spanish Language & Hispanic Culture Major, French Language & Literature Major

Picture #12

"Time Travel"


Salamanca, Spain- Summer 2014
Photo compliments of Amy Wen
Creative Writing and English Language & Literature Honors Specialization

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