International Centre for Olympic Studies
  • The International Centre for Olympic Studies

    The primary mission of the International Centre for Olympic Studies at Western University is the generation and dissemination of academic scholarship focused specifically on the socio-cultural study of the Olympic Games and the Olympic Movement.


2010 Eco narrativesVancouver 2010 Eco-Narratives

Stories of environmental sustainability were part of the narrative effecting local acceptance of the Games.

Beijing 2008 Olympic EducationBeijing 2008 Olympic Education

Investigating the durability of Olympic Education Programs for the 2008 Beijing Olympics

South African Olympic ParticipationAvery Brundage and South African Olympic Diplomacy

Avery Brundage's views on South Africa's Olympic participation, 1950-1968

South American OlympismOlympic Strategies in South America

Avery Brundage's strategic support for South American sports festivals.

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Brundage Collection

Avery Brundage Collection

Worrall Collection

James Worrall Collection

Lenskyj Collection

Helen Lenskyj Research Files