ICOS Graduates

PhD Dissertation Titles

  • 2012: Xiao Wei
    "The Question of Legacy and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games - An Exploration into the Post-Games Utilization of Venues and Facilities."

Master's Thesis Titles

  • 2013: Renee Mahoney
    "Making Headlines: The Politics of Sex Trafficking and Sex Work During the 2010 Vancouver Olympics."

  • 2009: Geoffrey Bardwell
    "Sex Gender Ideology and the Politics of Power/Resistance: On Althusser and Focault Toward an Investigation of Sex Testing in the Olympics."
  • 2004: Ian Watts
    "Igniting The Nation: Print Media Representations of Aboriginality in the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games."
  • 2004: Kristina Kolesnyk
    "Globalization and Sport: Athletic Talent Migration to Canada."
  • 2003: Anthony G. Church
    "The Sacred Cow: Calgary and The XV Olympic Winter Games."
  • 2002: Christine O'Bonsawin
    "Failed Test: Aboriginal Sport Policy and the Olympian Firth Sisters."
  • 2001: Amanda Schweinbenz
    "All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Run: Women's Uniforms and Clothing in The Olympic Games, 1900-1932."
  • 2000: Guy Schultz
    "The I.A.A.F. and the I.O.C.: Their Relationship and Its Impact on Women's Participation in Track and Field at the Olympic Games, 1912-1932."
  • 2000: Janice Forsyth
    "From Assimilation to Self-Determination: The Emergence of J. Wilton Littlechild's North American Indigenous Games."
  • 1997: Pei Dongguang (Donnie Pei)
    "A Question of Names: The Two China Issue and the People's Republic of China in the Modern Olympic Movement."
  • 1990: Daniel Reid
    "The Amateur Athletic Union of the United States and the Canadian Amateur Athletic Union, 1897-1914."
  • 1988: Stephen Wenn
    "A Question Of Neautrality: Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the Department of State on the Issue of Proposed American Participation in The Berlin Olympic Games of 1936."
  • 1987: Shayne Quick
    "Black Knight Checks White King: The Conflict Between African Bloc Nations and Avery Brundage During the 1960s."

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