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Parking Infractions and Appeals:

Parking lots at the University are private property. Purchase of any parking permit or day pass constitutes an agreement from the purchaser to abide to the Rules and Regulations approved for the University community by the Board of Governors. Copies of this document are available in written form at Parking Services.

Notices are issued for a number of infractions which contravene these rules and regulations. All infractions are issued in accordance with the Trespass to Property Act, and failure to settle accounts may result in loss of parking privileges, towing of vehicles, and/or issuance of a Trespass Notice banning the offender's vehicle from campus.

Parking Infractions

Code Description Amount
001 Warning: Parking citation identified $ 0.00
002 Permit not displayed $ 12.00
010 Park at Failed/Out of Service Meter $ 25.00
011 Park at expired Meter $ 25.00
012 Park at end of an aisle $ 35.00
013 Park in an unauthorized/hashlined area $ 35.00
014 Park over the time limit permitted $ 35.00
015 Double parked $ 35.00
016 Parked over the lines $ 35.00
017 Disk Replacement due to loss $ 30.00
029 Displaying expired validation $ 12.00
030 Display expired Permit $ 35.00
031 Park in a reserved area $ 35.00
032 Park on a roadway $ 35.00
033 Obstruct a loading zone $ 35.00
034 Obstruct a walkway $ 35.00
035 Park on landscaped area $ 35.00
036 Unauthorized parking $ 35.00
037 Park blocking other vehicles $ 35.00
038 Obstruct a Disabled access route $ 60.00
041 Park bicycle inside building $ 50.00
042 Park on Boulevard or Sidewalk $ 35.00
044 Park over time limit as posted $ 35.00
050 Remove seal on Academic Records $ 50.00
052 Cost recovery for Ministry searches $ 19.00
060 Fail to pay parking fee at visitor booth $ 35.00
061 Park in a Fire Lane or Emergency Route $100.00
062 Park in Disabled space $250.00
096 Displaying fraudulent, revoked or altered permit $250.00
097 Operation of vehicle in prohibited area $150.00
098 Damage/vandalism to parking facilities $250.00
099 Displaying lost or stolen permit $500.00
Infraction Fees are subject to change without notice.

If your vehicle is towed:

Unauthorized or improperly parked vehicles will be ticketed and towed at the owners' expense and liability. Park only in marked parking areas. Do not park in loading zones, roadways, fire routes, aisle ways, landscaped areas or other non-parking areas.

All towing of vehicles at The University of Western Ontario is performed by a private contractor in accordance with City of London standards.

Towing (Service Charge) $ 45.00
Flatbed/Dollies (install and remove) $ 40.00

Towing Fees and applicable taxes are subject to change without notice.

Please Do Not Ignore a Parking Ticket!

Accounts with unpaid fines run the risk of the following actions: parking privileges revoked, academic records sealed, vehicles towed, and/or account balance transfered to a collection agency. This is a fully automated process, and we suggest you deal with these problems promptly to avoid unnecessary charges.


All parking infractions, with the exception of towing and service fees, may be appealed within fourteen days of the infraction date.

Please Note:

  • Appeals will not be accepted after 14 days past issue date.
  • Appeals will not be reviewed with previous outstanding tickets on the account.
  • Photographs are now taken with each citation.
  • Provide specific details including; Pay & Display receipts, Special Event tickets or other supporting documentation pertinent to your appeal.
  • Be as precise as possible.
  • Indicate that the problem, for which you were cited, has been corrected. (eg: purchased a parking pass)
  • If this is your first infraction, indicate that you have made yourself familiar with the University parking rules and regulations.

Important Information

The Appeals Committee considers the following information (not an exclusive list):

Circumstances, weather, lot, area on campus, parking history, fairness for all, other similar complaints

The probability of a successful appeal is extremely unlikely - less than 1% - for the following infractions:

  • Traffic tickets issued by the Campus Community Police
  • Parked in a Disabled Space
  • Parked in Fire Lane or Emergency Route


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Do you have questions on appeals? Please call our Appeals Specialist at 519-661-3973, or ext. 85690 during business hours.

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