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Carpooling Program at Western
The University of Western Ontario (UWO) supports environmentally and economically sustainable forms of transportation including a carpooling program. SCOPE: This program applies to all UWO employees who meet the requirements as outlined below.


Purpose To define the policy and procedure that provides a limited number of reserved parking spaces for employees who regularly travel to the UWO in a group of two or more, rather than the casual and occasional sharing of rides.

Carpool - A group of two or more employees who have:
• registered with Parking & Visitor Services as participants in the carpool program
• at least one vehicle each registered in the program
• made a commitment to carpool for a minimum of one semester

Carpool Member - An employee who:
• finds another employee to form a carpool group
• is a registered vehicle owner
• is registered with Parking & Visitor Services as a participant
• has purchased a parking permit
• alternates driving his/her vehicle to UWO, thereby sharing the designated parking Space

Carpool Permit - A permit (hanging identification tag) that indicates license plate
numbers of all registered members of the carpool group. This permit is to be passed
amongst the carpool vehicles such that only one vehicle may use the hangtag (and
park in a designated carpool reserved parking space) at a given time.

Designated Carpool Reserved Parking Space – UWO has reserved, preferential parking spaces for use by approved carpool participants. The preferential carpool spaces are designated by signage. The attached map shows the location of the parking spaces. (Carpool reserved spaces are currently available only in the South Valley Lot. This lot was chosen to pilot the carpool program in order to support the LEED Certification for the new Lassonde Pavillion Engineering Building.) Unauthorized use of these reserved parking spaces will result in ticketing. Similarly carpool members are not permitted to use the carpool reserved parking spaces when travelling to the UWO individually. If one carpool member’s vehicle is found in a designated carpool reserve parking space while another member’s vehicle is parked elsewhere on campus, both vehicles will be ticketed.


Employee Responsibility
Employees who wish to participate in this program must:
• register their carpool group with Parking & Visitor Services
• ensure that the carpool hangtag is suspended from the rear view mirror and visible when parking in the carpool reserved parking space
• notify Parking & Visitor Services and carpool partners if he/she wishes to opt out of the program

Parking & Visitor Services Responsibility
The Manager, Parking & Visitor Services, or designated individual, is responsible for:
• updating this program
• issuing carpool hangtags to employees
• enforcing proper use of designated carpool parking
Western Parking and Visitor Services subscribes to; a website that co-ordinates rides to campus for students, staff and faculty. Carpooling is a simple way for individuals to take part in the climate change challenge while saving money, reducing congestion and conserving energy along the way. Commuters who live near each other and share a common destination form the simplest and most common "carpool" arrangement. Carpooling is an ideal cost saving arrangement, particularly for those individuals who commute long distances each day, have limited access to public transit or have few transportation options available to them.

Western Parking & Visitor Services joined 'Commuter Connections' a ride share initiative in 2003. This system is designed to be a 'self-serve' ridematching service. Employees/Students should not call the parking office to register. All registrations should be made through the University of Western Ontario worksite listing located on the 'Find a Carpool' page of the the following web site -

If you are interested in becoming a participant please proceed to this address

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