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Portable Sign Rental Information and Form

Portable Sign Rental

Communicate your campus service or event with a Western Portable Sign rental. Rental fees are $125 a week or $150 a month.

Step 1:

Email Campus Communications Consultant at with request for portable sign usage on campus. Include a brief outline of event being promoted.

Step 2:

The Campus Communications Consultant will respond via email to the request and forward a copy of the response to the requestor and Parking Services.

Step 3:

Once you have received approval from the CCC please complete the following form no later than one week prior to your event date.

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Sign Message Grid*

Enter one letter per box to spell out your sign message. Please input dashes into the boxes that will act as spaces (i.e. march-break-open-house). You can also use the Tab key to move to the next box and click the 'Clear Message' button to reset the grid at any time.

Please review your answers before clicking 'submit.' Be sure to fill the required fields labeled with a red star.