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Undergraduate Student Parking Information

Where can I Park with an Undergrad Permit?

Parking permits are not sold by lot; they are sold by zone. Undergraduates occupy the Green perimeter zone, which is comprised of the Althouse, Medway and Huron Flats parking lots. Please learn the locations of all the lots in your zone.

Undergraduate Parking Lots

Althouse West
Ontario Lot
Huron Flats
Springett West Gate

Although green coded lots are all about the same distance from the campus core, some are perceived to be "closer" and will fill more quickly, according to predictable cycles:

  • Springett West as well as Althouse West fills to capacity by about 10:00 am
  • Huron Flats and Medway lots do not fill to capacity

Please do not sit and wait longer than a few minutes for a space to open up. There is adequate space elsewhere, and it is a much better usage of your valuable time to go directly there. If you have questions or need directions to available lots, ask at the Welcome Centre.

During the summer months (May-August), undergraduate (green) permit holders have access to all green zone lots as well as the following grey zone lots; South Valley, Springett, Visual Arts.

How do I Reserve an Undergraduate Parking Permit for the Academic Year?
Your Choices are:
  • Internet

    The most convenient way to obtain your parking permit is to use our Internet Application Form. Follow the instructions on the application. This section is secured and therefore payment is required in order to guarantee your permit.

  • In Person

    The parking office will gladly process your application in person. We are located in Room 4150, Support Services Building. Be prepared for long line-ups during orientation week.

Please Note:
Permits requested during the spring/summer months for the academic year (1 September - 30 August) will be processed during the summer and will be available for you to pickup in Room 4150, Support Services Building after 15 July.

Space is Limited

Parking space at the University is limited. All arrangements are made on a first-come, first-served basis and we regret that not all requests can always be accommodated.

All permits are sold at an Annual (1 September - 30 April) or Term (September - 31 December) (1 January - 30 April) rate, and a waiting list is maintained. All sales are final.

No Guarantee of Space

To achieve greater access for the maximum number of students, parking permits may be pooled and oversold up to a factor of 33%. Under normal circumstances, all parkers attending the campus may be accommodated within the lot areas allocated. However, if a lot is full, parkers must move their vehicles to another undergraduate lot where there is space available.

There are always overflow problems in September each year (usually from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM) (Monday-Thursday). Please budget your time accordingly.

Possession of a permit does not guarantee a favourite spot in a favourite lot.

Summer Parking

Those students who purchased an Annual permit (1 September - 30 April) have parking privileges extended through the summer at no charge (May-August).

Permits may be moved from car to car, as in a car pool, but all vehicle data must be sent to the parking office.

Disabilities and Injuries

Persons requesting special parking arrangements on medical grounds will be required to present their Ministry of Transportation Disabled Parking Permit.

Parking Infractions
  • Parking enforcement is provided as a service to those parkers who adhere to campus parking standards. Infraction notices are received by a small number (2-3%) of the campus parking population, and 200-300 infraction notices are issued every day. All parking permit information is maintained on line in the Parking Office, and most data (account status, previous infractions) is available to our enforcement/audit team as they go through the lots with handheld microcomputers. Every improperly parked vehicle is tagged. Every parking transaction is numbered and automatically added to the database. Every parking transaction is followed up through a computerized billing process. Every unpaid account results in student records being sealed, stoppage of registration/graduation, and a further $40.00 service charge added to the offending account. This is all automatic; if you receive a parking ticket, please do not ignore it.
  • "No Parking" zones are clearly posted and include all loading zones, emergency zones, roadways, access roadways, parking lot aisles, hashlined areas and drop off zones. All parking signs say what they mean and mean what they say. Absolutely.
  • If you wish the University to review a transaction or billing, please complete a request (appeals) form at the Parking Office; your account will be reviewed by Parking management and an objective University Committee will assess your claim.

Parking Advice

Please park properly
Parking lots are designed to accommodate a pre-determined volume of vehicles, and vehicle spaces have been clearly marked with yellow lines. Access routes must be maintained for emergency vehicles. Do not park in roadways, aisles, corners, walkways, hashmarked or other non parking areas. Unauthorized or improperly parked vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed at the owners' expense and liability.

Please Do Not Ignore Parking Violations
If you incur a parking ticket, please pay or appeal it within 14 days. Unpaid violations will result in suspension of parking privileges and sealing of student records. Suspended parkers who persist in bringing their vehicles to campus will be identified and towed by the University Police.

Please Do Not Damage Parking Equipment
Destruction or theft of University property will result in immediate suspension of parking privileges. Vehicles gaining access through broken gates, lot barriers, or landscaped areas will be towed. Vehicles gaining access to any lot on campus by pulling back or lifting a gate are subject to a minimum $250.00 fine.

And Remember
Although The University of Western Ontario possesses the second-largest post-secondary facility in Ontario, parking area is limited and must be shared by upwards of 500,000 people annually. It is not physically possible to accommodate all individual expectations and demands involving "personal convenience".

Parking at the University is a privilege. Parking regulations may be annoying, but they exist to optimize the usage of the available space. Please consider others when you park your car.

More Advice
  • It is very easy to comply with parking regulations. Please do not park improperly! Confirmed penalties are legitimate, automatic, and cannot be avoided.
  • If it is not clear why you have received an infraction notice, or, if you believe the notice was given in error, please clear the matter with the Parking Office right away; many times, substantial charges can be avoided by following up in a timely manner.
  • Western's parking system is simple and direct; parking problems do not occur for the great majority of undergraduate students. Where they do occur, they are usually attributable to lack of knowledge, awareness, and attention on the part of individuals. Parking Office staff genuinely wish to avoid problems and are pleased to assist with any questions/answers or advice.
  • In purchasing parking, either through a permit or through payment of a daily rate, each parker agrees to strictly abide by campus parking regulations; the parking staff will hold all parkers to this commitment.

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