Research Based Program


Graduate training leading to both M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in experimental pathology is available to graduates in the sciences and to medical, dental and veterinary graduates.  Science graduates should hold  a B.Sc. or B. MSc. (Hons) degree.  Although there are no set prerequisites for entry into the program, courses in anatomy, biochemistry, histology and/or molecular biology are strongly recommended.  Each student is supervised by a graduate faculty member and an advisory committee.

A thesis is required for both M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees.  Every candidate must defend his or her thesis at an oral examination.  The course work in these programs will be selected on the advice of a candidate's  supervisory panel.  It will depend upon each candidate's prior experience and will be oriented towards providing a general background of pathology plus the specific requirements of his or her research topic.  Ph.D. students are required to take a comprehensive examination at the end of the first year.  A General Pathology course and Biostatistics will be required if not previously taken.  Continuous registration and participation  in the departmental   Journal Club is required.

Normally students are admitted into the M.Sc. program and are assigned to a supervisor who determines in conjunction with the student and an advisory committee a project to be worked on and how best to proceed with it. Students should meet regularly with their advisory committee; a minimum of once a year is a requirement. The Graduate Education Committee meets on a regular basis to oversee the program and monitor progress of all students.

Training of students in methods and techniques necessary for their research work takes place in the supervisor's (and/or advisor's) laboratory and adequate progress in the mastering of the required technical skills is monitored by the supervisor and advisory committee.

Upon graduation from the program, students are expected to demonstrate specific skills as enumerated below. Our Pathology graduates have gone on to receive positions in academia, industry and government.

Graduate Student Handbook (Guidelines)

The Department of Pathology also participates in the combined MD/PhD program. The MD/PhD program is jointly sponsored by the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry and the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies at the University of Western Ontario. It provides a wonderful opportunity to begin a career combining research and clinical practice. Applying to the MD/PhD program.

Western provides the best student experience among Canada's leading research-intensive universities.