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The Department of Philosophy currently has 32 faculty members, as well as 4 cross-appointed faculty members and 5 associated members from within the University who are involved in our graduate programs. Currently, there are about 60 graduate students in these programs. While enjoying the numerous resources and benefits of a major research university, the Department itself maintains an atmosphere that is both congenial and vital. There is extensive formal and informal contact between the faculty and the graduate students – both have offices in Stevenson Hall, and spend a great deal of time working and talking in the Department.

The Department supports its graduate students in a number of ways. It gives financial assistance, including teaching assistantships, to M.A. students for 1 year and to Ph.D. students for 4 years. It helps students submit applications for external funding that are competitive. It awards funds to eligible students to assist with travel to conferences, workshops, or unique educational opportunities. For 2013/14, it is pleased to offer up to $600 to eligible students. Many students assist the Department in its undergraduate teaching, either by helping faculty teach introductory courses or, in some cases, taking complete responsibility for an undergraduate course. The University offers intensive courses to graduate students on teaching and on developing a teaching dossier. In terms of placement (see "Placement Information"), the Department takes an active role in helping to place its graduates. A departmental journal library, book library, and collection of research material are available to all graduate students, as is a microcomputer lab that houses IBM-compatible computers which are equipped with a variety of software programs.

The Department plays a lively and substantial role within the larger world of professional philosophy. Philosophers from other universities visit regularly during the academic year to participate in the Department's weekly colloquium series. In addition, the Department has hosted extremely successful conferences and workshops over the past several years that have brought distinguished philosophers to the campus from all parts of the world, and that have resulted in publications by quality presses. Graduate students actively participate in all of these activities.

The Department cooperates with and draws strength from several other sectors of the University. These include the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, the Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism, and the following Departments: Women's Studies and Feminist Research, Political Science, Physics and Astronomy, Applied Mathematics, Statistical and Actuarial Sciences, and Psychology. Such interaction allows graduate students to take courses in relevant subjects outside of philosophy.

As an elective educational opportunity, the department regularly offers seminars in foreign languages. The seminars are devoted to reading and translating a philosophical text, often one for which no English translation exists. One language is studied in each of the fall and winter terms, and four languages - Greek, French, Latin, and German - are rotated over two years. Those choosing to participate will meet once a week throughout the term for approximately one hour.

All in all, the Department provides a friendly, stimulating, first-class environment for graduate study in philosophy.