Department of PhilosophyWestern Arts and Humanities

Carl Hoefer



Director, Rotman Institute of Philosophy

PhD Stanford University

Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 81291
Office: Stevenson Hall, Room 2150F

2014-15 Teaching

PHIL 2032G - Einstein for Everyone

Selected Publications

"The Best Humean System for Statistical Mechanics”, article solicited for special volume of Erkenntnis.edited by J. Berkovitz & P. Huneman. (accepted)

“Calibration: Being In Tune with Frequencies”, Special issue of Dialectica, edited by Philip Ebert & Martin Smith.  v. 66, no. 3, pp. 435 – 452.

“Physics and the Humean Approach to Probability”, article commissioned for Probabilities in Physics (ed. Stephan Hartmann & Claus Beisbart), Oxford University Press, 2011.

“Time and Chance Propensities”, article commissioned for The Oxford Handbook of Time (ed. Craig Callender), Oxford University Press, 2011.

“Determinism and Chance from a Humean Perspective”, co-authored with Roman Frigg, in Dieks, González & Hartmann (eds.), The Present Situation in the Philosophy of Science (The Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective v. 1), Springer. Pp. 351-372.

“Probability: 5 questions”, article commissioned for Probability and Statistics: 5 Questions, ed. Vincent Hendricks and Alan Hájek, Automatic Press/VIP, 2009.

“Causation in Space-time Theories”, in Oxford Handbook of Causation (ed. Christopher Hitchcock, Helen Beebee & Peter Menzies).  Oxford: OUP, 2009.

“The Third Way on Objective Probability:  A Skeptic’s Guide to Objective Chance”, MIND 116 (2007): 549-596.