Department of PhilosophyWestern Arts and Humanities

Carl Hoefer



Philosophy and History of Physics, Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics

PhD Stanford University

Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 81291


2015-16 Teaching

On leave July 1, 2015 to June 30, 2016

Selected Publications

"Mach's Principle as action-at-a-distance in GR: the causality question”, Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics.  Online First Oct. 2014.

“Consistency and Admissibility: Reply to Meacham”, in Chance and Temporal Asymmetry (ed. Alastair Wilson), Oxford University Press, 2014.

"The Best Humean System for Statistical Mechanics”, article solicited for special volume of Erkenntnis.edited by J. Berkovitz & P. Huneman. (accepted)

“Calibration: Being In Tune with Frequencies”, Special issue of Dialectica, edited by Philip Ebert & Martin Smith.  v. 66, no. 3, pp. 435 – 452.

“Physics and the Humean Approach to Probability”, article commissioned for Probabilities in Physics (ed. Stephan Hartmann & Claus Beisbart), Oxford University Press, 2011.

“Time and Chance Propensities”, article commissioned for The Oxford Handbook of Time (ed. Craig Callender), Oxford University Press, 2011.

“Determinism and Chance from a Humean Perspective”, co-authored with Roman Frigg, in Dieks, González & Hartmann (eds.), The Present Situation in the Philosophy of Science (The Philosophy of Science in a European Perspective v. 1), Springer. Pp. 351-372.

“Probability: 5 questions”, article commissioned for Probability and Statistics: 5 Questions, ed. Vincent Hendricks and Alan Hájek, Automatic Press/VIP, 2009.

“Causation in Space-time Theories”, in Oxford Handbook of Causation (ed. Christopher Hitchcock, Helen Beebee & Peter Menzies).  Oxford: OUP, 2009.

“The Third Way on Objective Probability:  A Skeptic’s Guide to Objective Chance”, MIND 116 (2007): 549-596.