Stathis Psillos


Rotman Canada Research Chair in Philosophy of Science             

Philosophy of  Science, Metaphysics, History of Philosophy of Science 

MSc, PhD  London             

Phone: 519-661-2111
Office: Stevenson Hall


2014-2015 Teaching                        

On leave 2014-15               

Selected Publications           

  • The  Routledge Companion to the Philosophy of Science (edited with Martin Curd), Second Revised and Expanded Edition, Routledge 2013 (First edition 2008--Choice Outstanding Academic Title for 2008)
  • ‘What is General Philosophy of Science?’ Journal for General Philosophy of Science, 43: 93-103, 2012
  • ‘Moving Molecules Above the Scientific Horizon: On Perrin’s Case for Realism’ Journal for General Philosophy of Science, December 2011
  • ‘Living with the Abstract: Realism and Models’, Synthese 190: 3-17, 2011
  • ‘An Explorer upon Untrodden Ground: Peirce on Abduction’ Handbook of the History of Logic Volume 10   - Inductive Logic (John Woods, Dov Gabbay and Stephan Hartmann eds) Elsevier, pp.115-148, 2011
  • ‘Scientific Realism: Between Platonism and Nominalism’, Philosophy of Science 77: 947-958, 2010
  • Knowing the Structure of Nature: Essays on Realism and Explanation, MacMillan-Palgrave, 2009
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  • ‘The Structure, the Whole Structure and Nothing but the Structure?’, Philosophy of Science 73: 560–570, 2006
  • ‘Scientific Realism and Metaphysics’, Ratio 18: 385-404, 2005
  • ‘Tracking the Real: Through Thick and Thin’, The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 55: 393-409, 2004
  • Causation and Explanation, Acumen (2002) & McGill-Queens University Press (2003) (Prize of the Presidents of the British Society for the Philosophy of Science for the best textbook in the Philosophy of  Science)
  • ‘Is Structural Realism Possible?’  Philosophy of Science 68: S13-24, 2001
  • ‘The Present State of the Scientific Realism Debate’ The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 51: 705-28, 2000
  • ‘An Introduction to Carnap’s ‘Theoretical Concepts in Science’” (with Carnap’s unpublished lecture “Theoretical Concepts in Science”) Studies in History and Philosophy of Science 31: 151-72, 2000
  • ‘Empiricism vs Scientific Realism: Belief in Truth Matters’, International Studies in the Philosophy of Science 14: 57-75, 2000
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