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Certificate in Ethics

The Certificate in Ethics is a program of study that may be completed in conjunction with any module in Philosophy (with the exception of a Minor in Ethics). The Certificate, offered through Western University, Department of Philosophy, is being offered as a response to a wide and growing interest in the ethical dimensions of professional and public life. The purpose of this program is to enable participants to strengthen and develop their understanding of ethics so as to enhance their ability to recognize and respond to ethical issues in a wide variety of social settings. The Certificate in Ethics will educate students in the essential concepts, central issues, history, and methodologies of ethical reasoning. The program also emphasizes the development of critical thinking skills, writing skills and verbal skills. The Certificate in Ethics is a program of study that may be completed while pursuing an undergraduate Degree at Western.

The program consists of five full-course equivalents. Students are required to complete four half courses in moral theory, moral reasoning and professional ethics. Students must also complete an additional six half course equivalents in applied ethics, political philosophy or philosophy of law. Typical course selections include business ethics, biomedical ethics, death, feminist philosophy, history of political philosophy, and environmental philosophy.

The Certificate in Ethics is open to anyone who is completing a three or four year undergraduate degree. The program is geared towards students who are completing course work in Philosophy. Although all eligible people are invited to apply, the Certificate in Ethics is particularly well-suited to those who are, or who intend to be, working in a profession such as law, medicine, nursing, journalism, education, engineering, government or business.

Admission Requirements
Students must be enrolled in a 3 or 4 year undergraduate degree program. While no particular background is presupposed, Certificate students are required to have writing skills sufficiently strong to write essays at the university level. Students are not permitted to be enrolled in a Minor in Ethics and the Certificate program.

To be admitted, students may complete an Intent to Register indicating this enrollment change.

Course Requirements
The program consists of 5.0 courses:

NOTE: Courses taken as part of an undergraduate degree may count towards the fulfillment of these requirements. Students who are enrolled in a Minor in Ethics are not eligible for the Certificate in Ethics.

Progression Requirement
A student must maintain at least a 70% average and obtain a mark of not less than 60% in each course to remain in the program.

Graduation Requirement
To qualify for the Certificate in Ethics, a student must complete the prescribed program of studies with at least a 70% average and a mark of not less than 60% in each course.

Contacts for Admissions and Application Procedures

  • Department of Philosophy
    Undergraduate Office
    Stevenson Hall, Room 3148
    Phone: 519-661-2111, ext 85741
    Fax: 519-661-3922
  • B. Hakala
    Academic Counsellor, Faculty of Arts
    Phone: 519-661-3043
    Fax: 519-661-3640
  • Registration Helpline
    Phone: 519-661-2108