Department of PhilosophyWestern Arts and Humanities

Specialization in Philosophy

Specialization may be combined with a Major, a Minor, and/or Optional courses totalling no more than 6.0 credits. Checklist

Admission Requirements

Requirements if admitted during or after September 2006

9.0 courses as follows:

* Philosophy 2260F/G (225F/G) or 2400F/G (246F/G)may be substituted for Philosophy 2500F/G (200F/G). Philosophy 2252W/X (234W/X) (or the former 222A plus a 0.5 course selected from this list) may be substituted for Philosophy 2250 (212).

Note: Students using Philosophy 3500E (King’s) or the former Philosophy 332E and/or Philosophy 3700E (King’s) to meet module requirements may reduce the 2.5 additional courses in Philosophy at the 3000 level or above accordingly.

Requirements if admitted prior to September 2006

9.0 courses as follows: