Lesbian Safety Collection

Dyke Life book cover.

The Lesbian Safety Collection is a special collection of books, articles, journals, databases and videocassettes produced primarily by lesbian authors and artists who view education as an important social and political front in the battle against homophobic violence. Housed as a public resource at The Pride Library and funded by the President's Committee for the Safety of Women on Campus, the collection covers the following research topics:

  • women's safety issues, and violence against lesbians
  • homophobia, heterosexism, and hate crimes
  • sexual harassment and workplace discrimination
  • employment equity, and immigration law reform
  • pornography, censorship, and customs battles
  • medical ethics, and feminist healthcare concerns
  • bisexuality and transsexuality
  • lesbian cultural criticism, and political theory
  • coming out, and youth related issues
Odd Girls and Twilight Lovers book cover. Lesbians of Color book cover. Radclyffe Hall book cover. In the Land of God and Man book cover.

View the complete Lesbian Safety Collection on the Western public catalogue.

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