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MMASc Degree FAQ

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What is a Master of Management of Applied Science program?

A Professional Master of Management of Applied Sciences is a program offered jointly by the Faculty of Science, Schulich Medicine & Dentistry, the Faculty of Social Science, the Faculty of Arts & Humanities, and the Faculty of Information and Media Studies. A comprehensive program unique to Canada, students enrol in their Specialty Field while taking Core Courses in management and communications.

What degree will I receive in this program?

Students receive a Master of Management of Applied Science (MMASc) degree.

Is the MMASc a science degree or a business degree?

The MMASc is a science degree with additional business courses. The program is designed to enhance the professional skills of BSc graduates and develop innovative and visionary leaders.

Is the MMASc a research degree?

The MMASc is a professional degree that aims to enhance science application and communications skills in preparation for a non-academic career.  They may also, at any time, apply for a separate research-related graduate degree. Please visit Degree Requirements for more information.

How long will it take for me to complete the MMASc degree?

The MMASc is a three term (one year) program. For more information on student progression through the program, please visit Degree Requirements.

Is there an employment component for the MMASc?

Students are required to pursue a posting in four month (500 hour) Co-op Work Term which is worth 1.0 course credit. If a student is unable to find a position, an alternate means to fulfil the course credit through a Major Research Project will be considered.  For more information, please visit Industry Partnerships.

Is this program offered on a part-time basis?

No, this is a full-time degree program.

How much will the MMASc cost, and is financial assistance offered?

Tuition payment methods and deadlines are available for viewing each term. The program is OSAP eligible.  Please visit MMASc - Fees and Tuition for further information.

Does the MMASc degree require a thesis?

No, but students are required to participate in a four-month (minimum of 500 hours) full-time co-op term for the successful completion of the degree. Students will then return to Western to make a presentation about their employment experience.  Please visit Degree Requirements for more information.