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Co-op & Industry Partnerships

Western University, Professional Master's in Science - Industry Partnerships

The MMASc program connects students to relevant industry partners to facilitate applied learning and professional network development and to give students an edge as they pursue career opportunities.

The MMASc program places great importance on ensuring all students participate in the Co-op activities during the summer term. There is no guarantee however that a student will secure a co-op placement. Several events will be hosted throughout the year to assist with resume building, job search and interviewing skills. In combination with assistance from program personnel, students must actively seek out individual opportunities that align with their interests.

The MMASc Co-op – Your Path to Industry Connections

Employers report that relevant, successful work experience is the top consideration when hiring recent graduates. By integrating co-operative education (co-op) opportunities into this program, our students gain practical work experience, enhance their resumes, improve employability skills and explore their career options – all of which will help provide Western graduates with the skills and tools required to become leaders in their respective fields.

What is a Co-op Work Term?

The co-op component of the MMASc is a summer placement with one of our carefully selected industry partners where students gain hands-on experience in a supervised workplace environment.

What are the benefits of a Co-op Work Term?

Co-op opportunities in the workplace provide Western graduates with a competitive edge when they enter the workforce. Co-ops help facilitate a deeper understanding of the subject matter being explored in the classroom by fostering critical thinking skills and application of knowledge.

For more information on the MMASc Co-op Program, please visit Students (Frequently Asked Questions).