Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration
  • Western partners with Nunavut Arctic College in the Canadian CubeSat Project

  • 300th MRO-HiRISE Imaging Campaign of Mars Planned by Western-Based Team

  • High Altitude Balloon Mission: Propelling Western to near-Space!

  • CPSX’s Livio L. Tornabene makes major impact: ExoMars returns first images from new orbit!

  • Space Explorers Summer Program 2018: Registration is now open!

  • Western Worlds Season 7 Episode 12: Matt Taylor talks about the achievements of the comet chaser and some of the most interesting research from the mission!!

Centre for Planetary Science and Exploration


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Photo of the Week

Using HCl to test rocks for presence of carbonate minerals.

Anologue mission to Barringer Crater in Arizona
Cassandra Marion, 2011