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Current Hosts

Jon Kissi - Producer, Showrunner, and Co-host

Jon KissiJon Kissi is currently a Masters student in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, where he is researching data processing using dynamically configurable hardware systems. He grew up in Essex, England, briefly living in Preston, where he studied Online Journalism at Undergraduate level, and Manchester, where he studied Computing and Informatics at Graduate level. He then moved to The Netherlands, working for the European Space Agency on various space/planetary science missions, before arriving at Western. An avid follower of all things space related and a fan of all kinds of science fiction, Jon is really looking forward to contributing to the Western Worlds and already feels at home as part of the Worlds team. 

Parshati Patel - Assistant Producer and Co-host

Parshati PatelI am Parshati Patel, a native of Ahmedabad, India. I got interested in Astronomy and Planetary Science after a visit to Nehru Planetarium (India) when I was in middle school. My quest for astronomy and planetary science brought me to Canada. I graduated from University of Toronto with Hons. BSc in Physics and Astronomy in 2010 and University of Western Ontario with Masters in Astronomy and Planetary Science in 2012. Currently, I am a PhD Student (in Astronomy and Planetary Science) here at Western and I work on Disks around Young Massive Stars. In my spare time, I like to cook, skate, swim, workout and most recently learning photography. Recently, I have been involved in Science (& Astronomy) Outreach Activities with CPSX and Department of Physics & Astronomy. To know more about me, visit my website here!

Raymond Francis - Host and Co-Host

Raymond FrancisRaymond Francis is a doctoral student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. His work involves the development of vision systems for planetary exploration, including studies of geological structures and atmospheric dynamics. He is currently a Science Team Collaborator on the NASA Mars Science Laboratory mission, where he will contribute to work on the behaviour of the martian atmosphere. His past work in space mission development includes navigation, human spaceflight, geoscience, and microgravity science programs, as well as terrestrial analogue studies.