Research Western

Research Development & Services Staff Contacts

Research Development & Services (RD&S) is a centralized office that provides the administrative infrastructure support to the University community for the facilitation and promotion of research activities at Western including grants and contracts. The primary role is to assist faculty members in gaining a competitive edge when it comes to external, internal and international funding proposals.

Patrick Callaghan
(Acting) Executive Director, Research
519-661-2111 x 83555

Patt Brocksom
Data and Systems Specialist
519-661-2111 x 84509

Caroline Calmettes
Director, Contracts & Agreements
519-661-2111 x80120

Katy Evans
Administrative Officer
519-661-2111 x84642

Goretti Fordyce
Contracts Officer, International
519-661-2111 x80180

Julaine Hall 
Consultant, Awards & Distinctions
519-661-2111 x87970

Jennifer Hancock

Grants Officer
519-661-2111 x82778

Fay Harrison
Senior Consultant, Research Development
519-661-2111 x84306

Erin Huner
Consultant, Research Development
519-661-2111 x85301

Douglas Keddy
Research Communications Manager
519-661-2111 x87485

Louise Kilianski
Grants Officer
519-661-2111 x86098

Heather Martin
Grants & Contracts Facilitator
519-661-2111 x84503

Presently Vacant
Internal Grants Coordinator
519-661-2111 x84500

Antoinette Martin
Programs Administration Assistant
519-661-2111 x84620

Nancy McCreery
Contracts Coordinator

Carolyn Paterson
Consultant, Research Development
519-661-2111 x82262

Theresa Russelo
Director, Research Grants
519-661-2111 x84502

Ryan Salewski
Post-award Grants Facilitator
519-661-2111 x86801