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Awards & Distinctions

The Awards & Distinctions Team is committed to recognizing and promoting the scholarly contributions of its faculty.  We play an active role in coordinating the submission of award and prize nominations for outstanding researchers and scholars across all faculties.  Many of these awards are associated with substantial monetary prizes and all are associated with significant prestige.  Achieving success in award and prize competitions helps raise the profile of individuals, departments, and Western University as a whole.

For more information regarding the Awards & Distinctions Team, competitions, or stewardship and support, please contact:

Reid McNaughton
Administrative Assistant, Awards & Distinctions
Telephone: 519-661-2111 (ext. 85093)

Julaine Hall (on leave in 2014)
Research Development Consultant, Awards & Distinctions
Telephone: 519-661-2111 (ext. 84506)

The Awards & Distinctions team at Research Development & Services can assist with award nominations in several ways:

  • Send out notification of upcoming award deadlines
  • Provide resources for finding award opportunities appropriate to you
  • Communicate details about eligibility and nomination requirements
  • Act as a liaison between the University, its faculty members, and award granting agencies, societies, or foundations
  • Review the requirements and terms of reference with anyone wanting to put forward a nomination package
  • Solicit endorsement and letters of reference or support on behalf of nominators and nominees
  • Solicit application signatures, including institutional signatures, for nomination forms
  • Consult on the selection of nominators or nominees and how to assemble award
  • Connect you with an experienced Western University reviewer to provide nomination feedback and recommendations
  • Review nomination packages for completeness and accuracy
  • Help publicize success through various media outlets
  • Act as steward between nominator/nominee/supporters, ensuring appropriate parties are gratified for their supportive effort and assistance

The list of opportunities below is not comprehensive, and additional resources may exist within your faculty. If planning to apply or nominate, please ensure the appropriate Associate Dean (Research) or department chair is made aware of your intentions.

A more comprehensive list (.xls) of nearly 1,500 awards and distinctions is available here (Western login required).

To suggest additions to the list, or to notify us of awards and distinctions received, please contact us.

National and Provincial Awards

Tri-Council Awards

Canadian Professional Society Awards

International Awards

Internal Awards

Please see individual awards for contact information.