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NSERC Strategic Project Grants

Researchers are encouraged to contact RD&S for assistance with preparation of these applications.

Steps required to complete a successful electronic submission to NSERC:

To complete electronic submission, you need to complete the following:

  1. NSERC Form 101- completed by you as lead PI;
  2. NSERC Form 100 - You provide access through "Access Manager" to all co-applicants. Co-Applicants will link their Form 100 to your Form 101 (this provides their signature) You will link your Form 100 to the application;
  3. NSERC Form 183A - If Co-Applicant is from a Supporting Organization, either - you (through "Link Manager")
    - or the Supporting Organization (through "Access Manager") must complete Form 183A;
  4. Supporting Organization Support Letter - Every Supporting Organization must also provide a signed letter, on letterhead, in accordance to guidelines. This letter must be attached to your application as a PDF document - and the original mailed directly to NSERC; and
  5. Co-Applicant institution (other than Supporting Organization) If Co-Applicant is not with Supporting Organization, but from another university or institution, the university or institution authorized signatory MUST sign the bottom of page 2. This signature must be forwarded to me before we (RD&S) can approve (sign) the application.

Signature Process

Please contact Antoinette Martin no fewer than three (3) days prior to the deadline to discuss your submission.

Research Development & Services Contacts:

Antoinette Martin

Administrative Assistant

Email: | Tel.: 519.661.2111 x84620