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    Nature’s Early Warning System: Finding the tipping point from pristine to polluted

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    Biodiversity in the Boreal Zone: Zoe Lindo to see effects of Climate Change

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Bringing Case-Based Learning to Science

Researchers across the globe devote their careers to addressing fundamental science questions that will have impact on humanity. Could a group of undergraduate students contribute in any significant way to achieving such a lofty goal?

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Faculty And Post Doctorate Fellows

Dr. Patricia Corcoran

Would you like some plastic with that sandcastle?

New research by Patricia Corcoran suggests that plastic pellets accumulating in our rivers, Great Lakes and shorelines may be turning our pristine playground into a toxic nightmare.


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Mark Aboud

Giving Back

In this video, Mark Aboud speaks about his path from graduating with a Western computer science degree to Managing Director of SAP Canada and then giving back.


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