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Note: If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, then the deadline is the last working day before that date.

The Florence Bucke Science Prize

Deadline: Last Friday of January

Terms of Reference:

1. Faculty Selection Panel

The Dean will construct a panel of research leaders to evaluate applications and make a recommendation of the awardee.

2. Nominating Procedure

No more than one candidate per department per year either newly nominated, renominated or retained for up to three years if over 45. The departments shall set up a system of their own choosing for nominations. Nominations should be submitted to the Dean's Office on or before the last Friday of January. A compiled pdf file is preferred.

3. Candidates

a) Age 45 or younger with particular emphasis on contributions during previous 5 years.

b) Candidates who pass the age of 45 after nomination can stand up to 3 years with unchanged documentation upon recommendation of the department.

c) Candidates should be from the nine budgetary units of the Faculty of Science; Chairs are ineligible.

4. Documentation

a) Letter from Chair supporting the case.

b) CV including publications list.

c) Three outside letters assessing quality and importance of research. Do not need to be up-dated by referees if used more than once, but if significant developments have occurred, should up-date as long as candidate is under 45.

d) Possibly letters from other departments in the Faculty/University.

5. Timing

Award presented in the Spring.

6. Ceremony

Forty-five minute talk by the awardee, followed by the presentation of a certificate, a monetary prize and a reception.


Distinguished Research Professorship

Deadline: March 1

The Faculty of Science will continue the program of Distinguished Research Professorships. We will select up to four Research Professors for the 2016 - 2017 academic year.

Applications are invited from all tenured professors, and assistant/associate professors on a tenure track. Terms of the research professorship will be for one year and will allow an opportunity for a dedicated full-time effort in research. Selection will be made on the basis of a distinguished record in research and a special opportunity which the release will facilitate.

Special opportunities might comprise leading and implementing a large collaborative grant, pursuing a high-risk unique, research avenue that is time sensitive and has strong potential for a significant break-through, capitalizing on a new and significant partnership with industry, or another form of significant research leadership.

Funds are available to facilitate an alternative workload to accommodate increased research activity as justified by the Chair of the Department and discussed with the Dean.

Applications must include a complete C.V., a supporting letter from the Department Chair, which also addresses plans for covering teaching and administrative duties of the nominee if required, and a statement of purpose from the applicant which must highlight the special opportunity that the release will offer.  A single PDF file of the complete application must be emailed to Stephanie Attardi (sattard3@uwo.ca) in the Dean’s Office by Tuesday March 1, 2016. Each department may nominate up to two candidates each year for this award. If two candidates are submitted, they must be ranked by the department. Selection will be made by committee and approved by the Dean.


Award of Excellence for Undergraduate Teaching

Deadline: First Week of April

The Faculty of Science wishes to continue the program of the "Awards of Excellence" for undergraduate teaching.  A maximum of two awards are presented annually, based on evidence of excellence in academic endeavours with particular emphasis on exceptional performance in undergraduate classroom teaching and undergraduate course/curriculum development.

Applications are invited from all full-time and part-time members of the Faculty of Science including the Basic Medical Sciences Departments, and must include: two brief official letters of nomination summarizing the nominee's strengths and noting the various contributions made to the Faculty of Science in the above categories, a complete C.V., a Teaching Dossier along with brief supporting letters from students and/or peers, and Teaching Evaluations results (summarized) for no more than 10 years.

Applications should reach the Dean's Office by May 1st. Please send an original and 3 copies of the application. Selection will be made by a committee of Chairs who have not currently served on the selection committee for the Distinguished Research Professorships.


Outreach Award

Deadline: First Week of April

The Faculty of Science Outreach Award strives to recognize and reward those faculty or staff members in the Faculty of Science, including the Basic Medical Sciences departments, who contribute to student recruitment and outreach.

The award will include public recognition of the Faculty or Staff member's contributions at the Faculty of Science Awards Ceremony, and a permanent plaque, maintained by the Faculty of Science. A token of appreciation of the awardees contributions may also be presented.

Nominees for the Outreach Award will be solicited annually from Department Chairs, in the Faculty of Science, including the Basic Medical Sciences departments. A recipient will be selected from among the nominees. The selection will be made by a committee comprised of the Faculty of Science Outreach Co-ordinator, the Associate Dean (Academic Affairs) and two other members of the Faculty of Science Liaison Committee (who shall not, themselves, be nominees for the award).

The general criteria for the award will be as follows:

The nominee should show a commitment to outreach or student recruitment that is beyond that normally required by his/her position.

Participation in departmental, faculty and/or university-wide outreach efforts, in particular those that contribute to student recruitment.

Development, or contribution, to the development of new initiatives in student recruitment or outreach.

The nominee should have shown a willingness to share his/her experiences with other departments in order to assist in and encourage the development of their outreach efforts.


Award for Excellence in Graduate Student Mentoring

Deadline: Monday, November 2, 2015

This award is intended to acknowledge and celebrate those graduate supervisors in the Faculty of Science who rise to the multi-faceted challenge of graduate mentoring in ways that result in an exceptional record of successful relationships.

Graduate mentoring encompasses more than the traditional notions of teaching and is reflected in measures beyond research productivity.  Those who excel in this endeavour develop multi-dimensional and long-standing relationships that, over time, support students in finding the fullest expression of themselves as independent scientists.  Outstanding graduate supervisors live as inspiring role models for scholarship in their discipline.  They are prescient administrators whose appreciation of the rhythm and rules of graduate study facilitates effective planning of research and coursework leading to timely completion of a satisfying degree program.  Approachable and available to students on an ongoing basis, excellent supervisors provide timely guidance, feedback and encouragement for issues ranging from the details of science, to development of diverse professional skills, to scholarly publication, to work/life balance in launching an appropriate career.

Although granted to only one recipient each year, this award symbolizes the support and encouragement that the Faculty of Science conveys to all graduate supervisors in the effective mentoring of their students.


Although all faculty in Science who are members of the School of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies are eligible, nominees with more experience will tend to be more suitable.

Selection Criteria:

Nominations must provide evidence that the candidate provides:

  1. a role model for intellectual leadership and professionalism in teaching and research,
  2. an exemplary environment of support for professional skill development in teaching and research,
  3. advocacy and guidance in long-term personal, professional and career development.

Nomination Process:

Nominations are to be initiated and coordinated by Departmental academic leaders. (e.g. Chair, Graduate Chair, Awards Committee etc.).   Although it is expected that candidates will contribute to the preparation of their Dossier, the process of soliciting, reviewing and selecting letters of support from present and/or past graduate students will be confidential.  Candidates must not see the letters of support from graduate students nor be aware of who has, or has not, contributed a letter. 

Nomination Dossiers must be limited to a total of 20 page sides (in a reasonable font) and include:

  1. Letter of Nomination detailing the candidate’s record according to the above criteria. Nominators are encouraged to present the candidate’s record in the context of specific disciplines with reference to
    1. the “culture” of graduate mentorship in the nominee’s department/discipline (e.g. the particular convention for listing authorship of collaborative work),
    2. measures of the quality and/or quantity of student work (e.g. journal articles vs. conference presentations etc.),
    3. measures of student progression (e.g. timely degree progression),
    4. measures of student career development (e.g. employment, advanced degrees etc.).
  2. Statement of Graduate Student Mentoring Philosophy.
  3. List of publications and activities (last six years) annotated to explain the contribution to graduate student development (graduate courses offered, co-authored publications etc.).
  4. Letters of support from current and/or former graduate students.
  5. Letters of support from colleagues.


Selection Committee:

The Selection Committee will consist of the Associate Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies, up to two Graduate Chairs from Departments not submitting a candidate and a representative appointed by SOGS.  In the event that all Departments have nominated a candidate, extra-faculty adjudicators will be selected by the Dean.


This award will be presented during the Annual Faculty of Science Faculty and Staff Recognition Event.  The recipient will be honoured with a monetary award and a framed certificate.  The name of the winner will be added to a plaque on display near the Dean’s Office.

Teaching Awards Offered by Western


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