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Planetary Science is the study of the gaseous, rocky and icy bodies of the solar system and the processes by which planetary systems and their bodies form and evolve. The nvestigative methods of Biology, Geology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Geography and Environmental Science are used in the study of planetary atmospheres, surfaces and interiors, as well as in the origin and evolution of Earth and its relation to possible life elsewhere. Somewhere in a star-forming region of our galaxy nearly five billion years ago, the solar system formed. Planetary Science studies how this happened, leading to a better understanding of the processes that shaped the Earth and other planets. See how complex systems, such as the atmospheric dynamics that lead to the ordered non-equilibrium of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter, can arise from simple laws in Chemistry and Physics. Learn how to extrapolate the data of the solar system’s past and present to understand climate change and explore a sustainable future.

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Gordon Osinski gosinski@uwo.ca
Acting Director

Melissa Battler cpsx@uwo.ca
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