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Dr. Jiguo Cao is the Canada Research Chair in Biostatistics and Environmetrics

Dr. Jiguo Cao

Dr. Jiguo Cao

How is a drug absorbed and distributed in our bodies? How do virus infection dynamics respond to various treatments? Why do patients have different reactions when they use same drugs or treatments? The answers are genes, which control all the dynamical systems above. Identifying the relevant genes will help medical doctors use genetic information of individual patients to determine the best drug prescriptions and antiviral treatments.

As a Canada Research Chair in Biostatistics and Environmetrics, Dr. Cao is developing cutting-edge statistical methods to identify the relevant genes controlling complex dynamical systems. These dynamical systems can be modeled with differential equations. One key challenge is to estimate parameters in differential equations from measurements of dynamic systems in the presence of measurement errors.

Differential equations are widely used to model complex dynamical systems in many areas including neuroscience, biology, medicine, genetics, ecology, climate, engineering, physics, and finance. Hence, Dr. Cao’s research has many important applications in these areas.

Another Dr. Cao’s research expertise is analyzing data collected over multiple time or spatial points. These data appear everywhere including medicine and environment science. Dr. Cao has worked on many research problems such as detecting the effect of climate change in forest fire, investigating environment factors causing the decline of salmon population, testing the effect of ward admission on emergency department access block in public hospitals, and cleaning automated load curve data in electric power system.

Collaborating with over 20 established statisticians and scientists from Canada, USA, China, and Europe, Dr. Cao’s interdisciplinary research has the potential to lead to significant benefits to human health, environment, economy and education in Canada and the world.