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  • Alumnus recommends breadth of knowledge for today's careers

    Alumnus recommends breadth of knowledge for today's careers

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  • Finance and Football #6 Marc-Philippe Aubuchon balances both

    Finance and Football: #6 Marc-Philippe Aubuchon balances both

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  • Solar Gold: Mighty nanoparticle gets ready to take solar mainstream

    Solar Gold: Mighty nanoparticle gets ready to take solar mainstream

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The Summer of 2014…

For Chemistry student Vanessa Beland, the journey began well before the summer of 2014, on land and lake, tapping into her dual passion for science and rowing.

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Dr. Rob Linnen

The Modern Business of Prospecting

“Since the Klondike days of the 19th century, geologists have been entrepreneurs who do all of these things,” says Dr. Bob Linnen. “We are very much in the real world, solving real world problems.”


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Simon Donato

Canadian adventure scientists discover new caves in Madagascar

“Even though we live in a world that seems so connected … and you don’t think there are discoveries to be made, it’s just not true — you just have to get off the beaten path,” says Simon Donato.

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Rogers TV - Actuarial Science Quest for Math Lovers Camp

Western News - Western News celebrates 5th annual Newsmakers

Universe Today - A Martian Blue Snake, Brought To You By Canadians And A Spacecraft

The Weather Network - Curiosity finds that Mars may have been more 'Earth-like' for longer. Could primitive life have developed there?

The Huffington Post - Canadian Team Captures Two Truly Spectacular Images Of Mars

The Weather Network - MRO goes Canadian: Sometimes if you smile at Mars, it smiles right back

AM 980 Radio - Western Researchers Set Sights On Mars’ Surface

Canoe.ca - Canadian scientists get stunning close-ups of Mars

Toronto Sun - Canadian scientists get stunning close ups of Mars

SpaceRef - Western University Mars Images Captured by HiRISE

Sun News Network - Canadian scientists get close ups of Mars

London Free Press - Western team snaps Mars photos

Edmonton Sun - Canadian scientists get stunning close ups of Mars

CTV News London - Western space explorers release photos of Mars surface

Western News Release - Western space explorers release first two images of Mars captured by team using HiRISE

Western News - Trick tapped for interdisciplinary honour

Western News - Student groups answer world’s challenges

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