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Tanya Harrison awarded the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

For Tanya Harrison fires burn for an understanding of other worlds and their processes, seen and invisible that lay beyond Earth’s surface, stretching into the boundless depths of space.

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Dr. Giovanni Fanchini

Gold Plated Solar Power

For the first time ever, Scientists at Western University have demonstrated that a small molecule created with just 144 atoms of gold – a so-called “gold nanocluster” – can increase solar cell performance by more than 10%.


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Simon Donato

100 Miles of Wild: Madagascar's Limestone Labyrinth

Simon Donato is one of a group of North American 21st adventurers who is embarking on one of their most challenging expeditions: a trek through 100 miles of the unexplored northern section of Strict Nature Reserve in the Tsingy, Madagascar to create the world's first detailed map of the region.

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