Faculty of Science
  • Double Honors - Gordon Osinski wins the Florence Bucke Award and the Mineralogical Association of Canada’s Young Scientist Award
  • New Equation for Pi(e)  could Save the Honeybees
  • 21st Century Natural Resource Management in Canada
  • Hack Western March 27-29
  • Can you THINK? outside of the box. Undergraduate Science Case Competition Final Round PAB 2-4, March 28
  • TK Sham awarded a Distinguished University Professorship
  • Sean Shieh and Zhifeng Ding selected for Faculty Scholar
  • Konermann and trick win Pleva teaching awards
  • In Memorium - Prof. J.M. (Mike) Marlborough
  • In Memorium -- Professor Emeritus Mel Usselman

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Students Turning on the Light

Carolyn Cadogan, a PhD student in Physics at Western University, is shining light on science, in the laboratory and in the community.

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Sugar levels in th brain may affect dementia Beyond the streetlight: A new view on Alzheimer’s research

Biologist Robert Cumming says the current state of Alzheimer’s research is like that koan where the person loses their keys in a dark street. They only search in the radius of the street lamp, where it’s easy to see, but the keys are sitting just outside the pool of light.


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Robin Goad

Awaiting His Fortune

Business London Magazine February 2015 cover story - Robin Goad bets that patience and perseverence will pay off for Fortune Minerals.

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