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Two staff receive 2013 Western Award of Excellence

Kimberly Law is a 2013 recipient of the Western Award of Excellence

Kimberly Law

Kimberly Law - Manager of the Laboratory for Stable Isotope Science

Kimberly Law’s ability to maintain the highest standards of managerial service while remaining the compassionate core of the Laboratory for Stable Isotope Science (LSIS) has been recognized with the 2013 Western Award of Excellence.

Her skills go beyond managing the largest multidisciplinary lab group on campus. She keeps the $5 million infrastructure functional and trains almost 50 graduate, undergraduate, postdoctoral, and research associates from five departments and four faculties. As an endeared and essential member of LSIS, Kim tirelessly monitors and involves herself in the voluminous number of ongoing projects in the lab. At the same time, she strives to ensure that everyone enjoys a safe and comfortable lab environment. This devotion coupled with her friendly and caring nature encourages people to be at ease; to ask questions, as required and this contributes to everyone’s safety and efficiency in the lab.

Despite always being busy, Kim puts students first and is always available to help them. LSIS students go to Kim when they are troubled personally or technically. She has been known to come to the lab in middle of the night to assist students or arrive early to help others set up a delicate machine then stay late to help shut it down.

Students and faculty respect Kim not just for her capabilities as a lab manager, but as a teacher, trouble-shooter, friend, peacemaker, model of industriousness, and as someone who always does her best to do the right thing. She is a model for "finding a way" - and doing that with heart.

Penny Westmacott - 2013 Western Award of Excellence Winner