Faculty of Science

Meet the 2012 Faculty Scholars in Science

Dr. Jan CamiJan Cami

Dr. Cami's expertise in molecular spectroscopy led to the outstanding research result of finding the first observational detection of carbon fullerenes in space. The discovery of the extraterrestrial forms of the 60 and 70 carbon molecule structures (also known as buckyballs) has generated international interest. Cami has also distinguished himself as a innovative teacher and has updated and redesigned many aspects of the introductory Astromomy course. 

Dr. Chis GuglielmoChris Guglielmo

Emerging as a leader in the field of animal migration, Dr. Guglielmo is recognized for his work on the physiological mechanisms underlying the migration in birds and bats.  In 2011 he and his PhD graduate student showed that humidity has a major impact on the catabolism of organs and muscles during endurance flight in migratory birds. This finding drew international attention as it has implications for the way changes in temperature or humidity conditions will affect migrating birds.

Dr. Paul RagognaPaul Ragogna

Dr. Ragogna has made recent research contributions to the field of main group chemistry particularly in the fundamentally important area of non-metallic polycations and the synthesis of novel molecules that can be polymerized to give unique electrochemical properties or simultaneously oil and water repellency.

Dr. Robert Solis-ObaRobert Solis-Oba

Approximation algorithms provide answers to hard problems where the algorithms to the optimal solution are too slow to find an efficient solution.  Dr. Solis-Oba has designed approximation algorithms for amny problems that have an impact on many applications ranging from search engines, mining information for social networks and DNA sequencing.